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Data Center Solutions

Data Center Facility Assessments

Our team understands that one size does not fit all; that’s why we work with our clients to understand their exact requirements before engineering a flexible, robust, and scalable solution specifically for their facilities.

Data Center Design and Build

Our energy-efficient, cost-effective and innovation-driven datacenter design and build approach offers:

  • Faster deployment times
  • Adaptable tier-level design, construction and operations standards
  • Modular system components for cost-effective, low-impact upgrades
  • Data Center Infrastructure

    We offer comprehensive data center consultancy services for designing, planning, testing, supporting and managing of civil works and materials, precision cooling, UPS, switchgear, generators, electricals, fire suppression, leak detection, structured cabling, security systems, network, servers, storage, software and applications.

    Structured Cabling Design

    Our team designs fast and reliable infrastructure cabling systems that would support all your current needs and future expansions.

    Cooling & Containment

    Data center efficiency pivots on thermal management. We incorporate latest techniques to maintain the most optimum facility temperature, allowing the IT equipment to operate 24/7/365.

    Power Systems

    We tackle the critical issue of powering up the data center by an engineered approach addressing commercial power availability, designing highly available power systems and distribution up to the cabinets.

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    Open-source Solutions

    IT Infrastructure Monitoring Solution

    Trace9 – Unified IT Infrastructure Monitoring Solution

    Trace9 is a unified monitoring solution for entire IT infrastructure that offers consolidated and proactive monitoring, alerting and reporting.

    Network Traffic Monitoring Solution

    SIEMITry - Internet Monitoring Solution for Edge-to-Core and Network Operations Center

    SIEMITry is an open-source SIEM solution which provides complete traffic visibility to the network administrator using industry’s best practices and protocols, combined with alerting, data processing, analysis and visualization features to become a well-integrated engine of the security operations center.

    Custom Application Development

    IT, IoT & Cloud

    Using our in-house skills we develop customer specific solutions for IT, IoT and Cloud.