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Elevate your business with our tailored IT solutions, harnessing the power of innovation and proactive monitoring. Trace9®, our unified monitoring platform, gives you the unique advantage of monitoring the entire IT stack, ensuring service continuity for your business. Amygdala®, our security monitoring platform, will ensure your organization is secure by providing real-time alerts on threats and much more.

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Step into the world of Trace9 at Huawei Cloud's Koo Gallery, where a complete solution waits to tackle your business and IT monitoring challenges.

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ISO Certifications for Trace9 & Amygdala XDR

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Unleash the power of innovation and collaboration with IOTA Solutions. Our unique selling point lies in our ability to seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with the specific customer needs.

Our use case-driven approach allows us to dive deep into the specific pain points of customers. Our solutions address the specific areas, giving a clear direct advantage.

Get a holistic insight through a single pane of glass and view your entire IT environment - from networks and applications to systems and devices.

All the personalized service delivery is governed by DevOps and ISO processes to ensure the highest level of quality.


Our solutions and services are created on the back of expertise in IT, Data Centers, Service delivery and operations. This knowledge is reflected in the solutions which are personalized and not just off-the-shelf products.

We support all deployment options i.e., on premises, cloud and hybrid based on the use cases and needs.

Our platforms, Trace9 and Amygdala, offer a flexible licensing model that's specifically based on the number of ports. This will give you flexibility to grow.

The solutions give you cost optimized options to cover your complete multi-vendor, multi-technology stack, hence provide the complete service-level visibility at a unified layer.


Gain a unique advantage with our solutions that would keep you ahead of your competition. We harness the power of cognitive technologies to derive unparalleled insights which fuel innovation aligned with market and customer needs.

Your key infrastructure wants to talk to you about the expected behavior of your network. Our solutions, through Machine Learning and AI Algorithms, will translate that language into valuable actions for your business and service continuity.

The platforms being open, you don’t have any limitations in integrations and customizations. This results in fast time to market and investment protection.

The whole delivery model of these solutions is designed around your success, from license bundles to training to DevOps and to support services.


Trace9® - The Ultimate Unified IT Monitoring Solution

Trace9®4.0 - A unified solution that monitors and manages the health and performance of the entire IT infrastructure across physical, virtual, and hybrid IT environments. It enables organizations to keep track of and observe the performance of their networks, servers, databases, cloud, and all other IT assets in their environment. Get a unified 360-degree monitoring view for complete enterprise IT infrastructure, break down silos and accelerate your business.

Trace9 4.0 offers multiple editions available for customers who need to monitor and manage their own IT infrastructure and applications. You can select the edition that best suits your IT monitoring needs and budget. Also you can select the licensing type (perpetual or subscription) that matches your total cost of ownership (TCO).

We don't just offer one-size-fits-all solutions, Trace9’s use case driven approach addresses the specific needs and pain points of our valuable customers, creating a customized and tailored solution.

Trace9 monitors multiple customer’s IT environments from a single dashboard with customer-specific dashboards, alerts and reports.

Trace9 offers flexible perpetual and subscription based licensing models.

14. Trace9 employs a modular approach to provide flexibility, scalability, and extensibility for our valuable customers. This approach provides a comparison between different modules of the Trace9 Monitoring Solution. It outlines the features and specifications that distinguish one modular from another. It helps customers make informed decisions about which module best suits their needs or preferences.
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Amygdala XDR

Amygdala XDR® - Extended Detection, Response & Compliance Monitoring Solution

Amygdala XDR is an open-source security detection, visibility, and compliance platform that enables organizations to protect their IT infrastructure from potential threats and actively respond to security threats in real-time. It provides centralized logging and analysis of security events across an organization's IT infrastructure, including servers, endpoints, cloud environments, containers, and networks.

Amygdala XDR detects all known and unknown security threats in real-time, by analyzing security events and logs from across an organization's IT infrastructure.

Amygdala XDR incident response capabilities allow security teams to respond to incidents quickly and effectively, reducing the impact of the attack.

Amygdala XDR integrates with other security tools, including IDS/IPS, vulnerability scanners, and SIEM solutions, providing a holistic security solution.

Amygdala XDR offers compliance monitoring capabilities that assist organizations in ensuring that they meet the best industry and regulatory standards.
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Satisfied Clients, Glowing Testimonials: Discover Their Experiences

“Trace9 ensures that we have 24/7 access to the health and performance of our IT infrastructures like critical systems and applications. It is deployed at Shifa Intl. Network Operations Center to monitor our IT Operations and Datacenter Infrastructure.”

Manager IT Infrastructure, Shifa International Hospital

Abdul Basit
“Cloud Catalyst is the ultimate cloud solution for our customers. We manage customers cloud infrastructure. We guarantee high availability and performance with our KPIs and SLAs, and we give then full visibility into cloud environment with Trace9 unified monitoring solution.”

CTO Cloud Catalyst

Abdul Rehman
“Our collaboration with IOTA solutions in infrastructure monitoring enables our clients to benefit from our reliable and secure services. We have implemented Trace9 which not only help us achieve operational visibility, cost savings but also provide enhanced visibility into our security posture.”

GM IT Infrastructure, Speed Edge

Muhammad Adeel
“Trace9 provides unified monitoring, reporting, and alerting of our CPEs across the country. It adapts to our use-cases such as conditional monitoring based on pre-defined criteria, power failure detection, real-time SLA monitoring, and fault management workflows.”

Senior Manager, Managed Services, PTCL

Asif Aqeel
“IOTA Solutions helped to move our capacity monitoring to a modern solution based on Elastic stack. I appreciate IOTA support services: prompt responses, quality of answers and fast resolution of issues.”

Service Account Manager, Optiva

Petr Pretov

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