Trace9 Monitoring Services from IOTA Solutions are available at

Huawei Cloud Koo Gallery

Trace9 enables you to monitor various devices and software that run on Huawei Cloud, such as:

  • Network: Monitor the performance and availability of routers, switches, firewalls, and other network devices that connect to Huawei Cloud services.
  • OS: Monitor the health and resource utilization of Windows, Linux, and Unix operating systems that run on Huawei Cloud ECS instances.
  • Web server: Monitor the response time, throughput, and error rate of web servers such as Apache, IIS, and Nginx that run on Huawei Cloud ECS instances or CCE containers.
  • Database: Monitor the performance and availability of databases such as Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, and MongoDB that run on Huawei Cloud RDS instances or ECS instances.
  • Cloud workload: Monitor the resource consumption and performance of Huawei Cloud services such as ECS, CCE, RDS, OBS, VPC, and ELB.

Trace9 stack can be used under IaaS Koo Gallery. Please select a plan that suits your needs and budget:

Size CPU RAM Disk Duration Devices
Small 1vCPU 8GB 40GB 30 Days Up to 30
Medium 2vCPU 12GB 80GB 30 Days Up to 50
Large 2vCPU 16GB 120GB 30 Days Up to 80

Trace9 provides you with a unified view of your entire IT infrastructure on Huawei Cloud and helps you troubleshoot issues faster.
We invite you to try Trace9 Monitoring Services and enhance your cloud monitoring with Trace9. Please visit Huawei Cloud Koo Gallery for more information.

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