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Professional Services

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Professional Services

Innovative, competitive businesses prioritize the ability to complete more tasks in less time, with less friction and risk. We offer a comprehensive suite of services including Consultancy, Data Center Design & Build, System Integration, Cloud Consulting, Application Development and Software Support Services, that will help you add agility, scalability, and value to your businesses. Our dedicated team will accelerate your business, by delivering professional services to help grow your business to reach new heights.

At IOTA Solutions, we are proud to have years of experience working for professional service companies, providing critical IT assistance that optimizes internal business operations, maximizes efficiency, reduces cost, and ensures high-level security.


Envisage your Business with our Consultancy Services
With our enterprise-wide-powered consultation strategies, Iota Solutions will advance and optimize your business transformation environment. Tackle/Solve your challenges with our agile approach, design thinking, quality improvement, technologies, and practical IT solutions delivery. Unlock the full potential of your business by implementing the right technology to your specific business environment.

Data Center Build

Our modular, energy-efficient, innovation-driven data center design structure will offer great flexibility and enables us to prioritize and meet the deadlines. Our faster deployment process will get instant access to a supply chain of components like Cable trays, ladder racks, Cage installation, fiber runners, cooling systems, Electrical installation – RPP, PDU, Power Whips, Busways, etc. Our team designs fast and reliable infrastructure cabling systems, allowing you to meet all of your present and future demands.

Systems Integration

Enabling advanced and seamless System Integration
We deliver reliable software integration services, focusing on creating new business values, and enhancing IT infrastructure. Our technology expertise and advanced integration patterns will accelerate the implementation, reduce cost, minimize risks and perform system integration seamlessly.
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