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We design, deploy, migrate, and manage datacenters & IT infrastructure solutions

We specialize in Technology Infrastructure Design & Engineering

Datacentre Infrastructure

By designing & building a scalable, highly available & agile infrastructure that adapts to your business needs.

Cloud Solutions

By designing, deploying, managing & maintaining private/public/hybrid clouds across any infra with leading opensource framework OpenStack

Datacentre Virtualization

By transforming your Data centre infrastructure into a secure and scalable virtual platform.

Big Data Analytics

By providing big data analytic solutions and consulting services to equip you with efficient data-driven decision making.

Software Solutions

Customer focused software solutions for consolidated and proactive IT infrastructure monitoring and management experience in today’s technology driven, fast-paced and demanding business environments.

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Trace 9 Trace9

Trace9 uses industry leading monitoring frameworks & technologies to monitor the health and performance of the entire IT infrastructure across physical, virtual and hybrid IT environments. The platform collects, analyzes and correlates data from multiple sources including databases, servers, network devices, virtual environments, websites, cloud services, etc. and enables its users to visualize & analyze the data with the help of customizable dashboards and reports to extract powerful operational intelligence. Trace9 architecture is highly scalable and adaptable to meet ever-growing business needs.


SIEMITry is an open-source SIEM solution which provides complete traffic visibility to the network administrator using industry’s best practices and protocols, combined with alerting, data processing, analysis and visualization features to become a well-integrated engine of the security operations center.


Introducing Trace9

Unified IT Infrastructure Monitoring Solution for organization-wide IT visibility

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We have worked on amazing projects

Shifa Intl. selected IOTA Solutions to assist with the design of its new Data Center in Islamabad. This data center consisted of two phases of approximately 20 racks in a hot aisle containment.

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The client required a digital solution that would provide centralized monitoring for 24000 CPEs with customized dashboards and reporting. We deployed Trace9 to meet their specific use-case requirements.

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Trace9 is deployed at the Network Operations Center of Shifa Intl. Islamabad to monitor its datacenter & IT operations. Trace9 helps the NOC team streamline workflows and improve efficiency

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